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  1. According to Eric Newton of the Knight Foundation, my grandchildren will have computers attached to their brains. No, Newton doesn’t have a crystal ball—he has a formula of predicting the future of media based on patterns of communication in the past, a thorough investigation of media as it is today, and even by taking some inspiration from science fiction (he presented three modern technologies, Skype, cell phones and the iPad, and showed us how they were “predicted” by science fiction almost half a century ago in “The Jetsons,” “Star Trek” and 2001: A Space Odyssey, respectively). The underlying theme of the entire Must See Monday was the fact that the future is “crazy.” Although Newton is understandably proud of his formula, it really could just as kooky as Harold Camping’s rapture prediction earlier this year. Newton suggested that students prepare themselves by learning to perform in the future that has been/is being predicted, while also being flexible to a random turn-of-events.

  2. I really enjoyed tonight’s Must See Monday series. I’ve never really had the idea to create my own business, but I thought Dan Gillmore brought up an interesting point when he said that today’s students might have to create their own jobs later – hence the importance of learning entrepreneurship skills now. I was really impressed by the four different “start up” companies the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship students created. Although I’m interested in checking all of them out, I was really fascinated by WatchTree. WatchTree was designed after its two creators had trouble locating volunteering opportunities in their communities (Scottsdale and Gilbert). WatchTree is designed so people can easily locate and get involved with local volunteering opportunities. One of the site’s creators explained how WatchTree will use social media outlets like Twitter to blast updates about new volunteering opportunities, updates and events to all of its followers.I have wanted to get involved with local community service efforts for a long time, but never seem to follow through because searching for opportunities is too much effort, so WatchTree would be a great resource for me! CityCircles, the next company presented, is an innovative company that aims to provide up-to-date news and events based on fixed interest points. They’re currently working on providing information about events and news near the Phoenix Metro Lightrail stops. As a lightrail commuter, I would definitely consider using this website to find events and restaurants along the lightrail stop. Another company, Fictionado, is still a work in progress, but aims to provide people with access to short stories and articles via their mobile devices. The speaker explained that ads for Fictionado content will include barcodes people can photograph with their mobile devices. These ads will be placed on the lightrail, in waiting rooms, etc. so people who have time to kill can conveniently access something short to read while they wait. (Pretty genius idea, I thought). Once people get the barcode on their device, the content they want will be formatted so it can be viewed on their cell phones, Kindles, iPads, etc. Blimee was the last company to be introduced. The speaker talked about “digital signage, a term (I must admit) I’ve never heard of before. Basically digital signage involves the LCD screens that have been popping up in shopping centers, on buses, etc. lately. They usually display advertisements, “spam” as the speaker put it. Blimee’s objective is to incorporate local news onto these screens. News so local that each screen will only display what’s happening within a few blocks of its location! The speaker also discussed how Blimee hopes to partner with local businesses, allowing them to advertise store sales and other opportunities to customers in the area. I’m really glad I got the opportunity to learn about these new companies. Hopefully they’ll take off!

  3. ?Eric Newton, Senior Advisor to the President of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, led the Must See Mondays lecture, “A History of the Future of News: What 1767 Tells Us About 2110,” and made some dubious points about the gradual change in media and journalism. He began the chronological tour of the ever-changing media world with verbal communication, then upgraded to the pamphlet; penny press; the telegraph until we  arrived to where we are today—helplessly occupied by our cell phones, iPads, televisions and computers. He touched on how early popular TV programs helped the creation of many of the devices we have the opportunity of using. The Flintstones had its version of Skype, where its characters were able to communicate via video, and Star Trek unveiled the planet’s first cell phone. These out-of-the-box inventions backed the words of Newton, when he said we must think “crazy and out of this world,” when moving forward in this digital age.

  4. Eric Newton, the senior adviser to the president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, spoke in the Walter Cronkite School’s first amendment forum Monday night on the future and history of news. Newton emphasized in the lecture, what 1676 tells us about 2110, that the technology we are using today seemed crazy at one point but many of the inventions we now use such as Skype, cell phones, and the iPad were seen in movies years ago. He said that every American generation grows up with a different form of media starting in 1767. In 1767 it began with pamphlets and from there media progressed to newspapers, then to daily newspapers because of the printing press, then the telegraph and so on. He also said that history shows every 80 years there is a tragedy or great awakening, for example the civil war was 80 years before WWII and we will be another time of tragedy and experience World War 3.0. He also said that there are already “cyber armies.” According to Newton, media is becoming more personal, portable, and participatory. He also said that the journalism and mass communication field is changing drastically and that print journalism will die. He predicted that in the future there will be intelligent media, bio media (which will include augmented reality), machine awareness, hyper media where data will be imported to our brains, and also Omni media where information will be exported from our brains in the form of things such as telepathy. At the conclusion of these changes he predicted there will be a World War 4.0, he said this is a war in which humans will be fighting against non-humans. At the end of this lecture he said that there are multiple reasons why this wouldn’t happen but reminded the audience that no matter how crazy it seems it is still an option.

  5. Cronkite Night At the Movies“The Pelican Brief” At the beginning of this thrilling movie I, personally, had no idea what the connection was between this movie and journalism. As the movie progressed, though, the connection became clear. Denzel Washington’s character provided an exceptional view of what an investigative reporter does and how they provide a pivotal role to the journalism society. Although this story was based off a book, it is quite possible that something of this nature could happen in real life. This movie provides a visual of how exciting and beneficial investigative journalism can be. The loss of such in depth and accurate reporting has been slightly lost in today’s journalism market, which is quite unsettling. Although investigative reporting is expensive, the field will eventually pay itself off by providing the audience with what is needed and wanted. “The Pelican Brief” was a thrilling to watch, but most of all it placed investigative journalism in a sincere light.

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    The Must See Monday presented tonight was unbelievable. Eric Newton, presidential advisor of the Knight Foundation, spoke about the progress man, as a species, has made since 1767. He organized the presentation based on innovations and their respective impacts on the world. Mr. Newton stated that a crisis occurs approximately eighty years, a shockingly accurate statement. He also said that all the advancements in technology, as beneficial as they may be, ultimately would lead to WW3.0. Newton also pointed out how current devices were conceived in past media: Skype from the Jetsons, cell phones in Star Trek, and concepts for future cityscapes. However, from this will arise WW4.0, humans vs. robots: the ultimate showdown and the cliché science fiction theme. Such a possibility is scary to consider, because 2040 is not that far away. Newton reassured us that there are 7 billion reasons none of it will happen. It still did not settle the mood because he ended the presentation with “it’s crazy, so it just might happen.”

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    Tonight I attended Eric Newton’s lecture entitled “The History of the Future of News: What 1767 tells us about 2100.” Newton, the Senior Advisor to the President of the Knight Foundation, discussed basically how journalism is changing as a result of the digital age. Newton told us, “We predict the future based on what we know,” but because technology is changing, we cannot accurately predict what the future is going to look like. He went through at least ten cycles that people have experienced in history based on the media aspect, starting with pamphlets and partisan weekly newspapers to mobile devices and social media. Newton also projected what the future might be like if new forms of media are constantly changing. He used examples like robotics, nanotechnology and telepathy. While he did go into some depth of these cycles and potential cycles, Newton admitted that we are “just scratching the surface of the digital age.” But as he closed, Newton encouraged the aspiring journalists by saying, “To get to the future, someone has to shape it. And that gets to be you.” It is exciting to know that with all of the changes in journalism today and the technology aspect of it, I get to be a part of it and help shape the future.

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    Tonight’s movie was “The Pelican Brief” which starred Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington. Julia Roberts plays Darby Shaw, who write a brief pinning the murders of two Supreme Court justices on the White House. Gray Grantham, a reporter for the Washington Herald, helps Darby in her search for justice–and for her own safety, since she is constantly under attack. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie because the plot was very interesting and the movie was full of suspense, which I love. I also really liked how the movie started out because I was shocked as to why these justices were being murdered, but as the movie progressed it revealed important details about the case. From a journalistic perspective, I thought this movie showcased top-notch investigative journalism from both Darby and Gray. They never gave up their mission to unveil the truth, even in the midst of eminent danger, and that is what makes a truly successful and determined investigative journalist.

  9. Having read this I thought it was extremely enlightening. I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put this informative article together. I once again find myself personally spending a lot of time both reading and leaving comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!

  10. This week’s Cronkite’s night at the movies was thrilling to say the least. “The Pelican Brief” was thrilling and exhilarating. The movie is surrounded by a conspiracy underlying the murder of two very different Supreme Court justices sends people into a frenzy, causing numerous murders and leads to a complicated journey to the truth. The murders that take place at the beginning of the movie are very intriguing and really reel the audience in. One thing this movie does really well is the use of the “shock factor.” A lot of the murders to me were so unexpected and bizarre. The story really leaves the audience asking themselves what just happened and what is going to happen next. Each time I thought it couldn’t get any crazier it does, which makes for a great story and movie. Another thing the movie really displays well is paranoia. The characters show it well and there were even times where I got paranoid just watching it. The fact that the reporter gets paranoid in his cabin shows his belief in Darby’s story and understanding of the seriousness of what they are dealing with. There were many times in the movie when I found myself thinking this can’t get any worse, then some light shines on the subject only to get even darker than it was before. The action was very effective as there were times when my heart started racing in anticipation especially during the parking garage scene toward the end of the movie. A part from being really entertaining I found the investigative reporting very well thought out. Although they do some sneaking that could be thought of as bad, I think that there intentions were very pure. Once again, this movie made me appreciate journalism. The reporter, Grantham, knew how serious obtaining information on the brief was but he investigated it anyway. It really boosted my assurance that journalism is the profession for me. Although not all stories are going to be as exciting or life threatening as the one in the movie, my goal is to help people which is ultimately what Grantham does by taking on this story. I am really glad that I attended this week’s movie as it was super entertaining. I could find myself watching this movie again.

  11. For the Must See Monday Mr. Merina and Ms. Sullivan spoke to us about dealing with communities in crisis ethically. I found it pretty interesting that both of their first experiences (the Stockton shooting and LA race riots) were with major events. They made so pretty good points about interviewing methods like connecting with the person before conducting the interview. Something as simple as saying “sorry for your loss” can go a long way. Another tip that was given was simply try using language that the locals are familiar with. Mr. Merina used “up the bayou”, “down the bayou” etc. This small attempt to connect with the person being interviewed can open a person up. The final message was to not get too involved with everything in the media because there is a lot of death and negative stories and that can really make a person sad if they focus too much on it. Stay informed, but don’t obsess over stories. I think their advice was really important and useful. I liked the interview tips the most.

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    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!

  13. An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a co-worker who has been doing a little homework on this. And he actually bought me breakfast due to the fact that I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending time to talk about this topic here on your blog.

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    Eric Newton’s lecture today reminded me of George Orwell’s book called “1984” which was written in the late 1940’s. In this book Orwell draws up a story about a man and his life living in the year 1984. In this man’s life there are cameras everywhere and people are always being watched by the government etc. Just the fact that Orwell’s prediction were just a little off, his predictions were still interesting to read. This lecture really opened my eyes about just how fast technology is growing. The one quote that really caught my attention tonight was when he said, “New tools make new rules.” Though simple and straight to the point, this stretched my brain out more than I expected it to. “New tools make new rules,” to me this means the further technology grows the more different our society will grow. Generations are all growing with such dramatic change from the one before it. When he talked about future generations of technology (if the patterns continue) it really all made sense to me. Although every future technology he said sounded impossible to me… cellphones sounded impossible just 50 years ago. I’m excited to see how much of his predictions really do come true. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all did!

  15. Eric Newton had a tremendous audience todays as students filled the First Amendment Forum for his Must See Monday lecture. It may have been the reward of double extra credit that lured students in, but it was what he said that kept them attentive and interested. The advancement in technology and media in the past and present was interesting. As was what Newton said about the digital age and the evolution of human communication. How Skype was related to The Jetsons, a cell phone related to Star Trek and the iPad related to Space Odyssey. When he spoke of what was to come in the future, I’m sure he had everybody’s attention. All in all Eric Newton’s lecture was very effective and informative. The information he presented was not only appealing but important for our generation. I’m interested in what the future holds for us and what the media will evolve into in the future.

  16. A History of the Future of News: What 1767 Tells Us About 2110Eric Newton – Senior adviser to the president of the John s. and James L. Knight Foundation I found tonight’s lecture to be both the most intriguing and the most enjoyable “ See Monday” by far. What really caught my attention were the strange coincidences Mr. Newton presented. In 1767 the new New York was predicted to contain many tall buildings made of stone (skyscrapers) and ships (steamboats). Ideas for modern technology like Skype, the IPad, and the cell phone were derived from movies, which in fact were not based on realistic events, like “The Jetsons”, “Space Odyssey”, and “Star Trek”, respectively. This indeed proves Newton’s closing statement, “if you think of the future and it makes sense, it’s not correct.” In a way, the more radical the idea, the more likely it is to actually occur. With technology seeming to advance every new generation, this leads to new ways of retrieving and reporting the news. By the year 2120, if this pattern persists, new media forms, awakenings, and crises will continue to accelerate beyond our current World War 3.0 to World War 4.0. In this period, Newton predicts that like the arguments and attacks going on in the cyber world today (World War 3.0) will be between humans and non-humans in World War 4.0; Machines will evolve beyond humans. Therefore, it is wise to take an interest in digital media, learn its history and its features, make friends with people who speak “tech.”

  17. Eric Knewton is a Senior Adviser to the president of the John S and James L. Knight Foundation. He explains that no one can tell the turn out of the digital age, science fiction equals big influence, each American generation come of age as a different news medium is rising, and people in the 20’s play a key role. We predict the future based on what we know. Eric tells us that every 80 years a crisis and a great awakening known as the light bulb, telephone, and film. He explains that the future is going to play a big role in the media. Also how there is going to be a World War 4.0 humans against non-humans. He is basically predicting the future of technology and what our world is going to become. For example, in the years 2027-2047 intelligence medias generation: visionary, cloud smart grids, robotics, and artificial intelligence. So all media will be smart, news bots, and universal data. Technology is taking over more and more every day.

  18. The take home from this Must See Monday was:A reporter’s humanity is a strength, not a weakness. Both Ina Jaffe and Victor Merina gave numerous examples where retaining a sense of respect for subjects was instrumental to not only ethical reporting but to actually getting the story. Merina said that traumatized individuals and communities loathe “parachute reporting.” Communities tend to shut out or become hostile to reporters they perceive as being fixated on getting their “golden quote” or eight second sound bite. He urged journalists to take their time and observe the situation. By doing so, a journalist builds context and begins to gain the trust of a potentially hostile community.As I am currently enrolled in Tim McGuire’s ethics class this entire discussion sounded very familiar. I heard elements of the “golden rule” mixed with the importance of weighing truth telling against minimizing harm. I would say that Jaffe and Merina went a step forward when they agreed that a journalist’s coverage of a crisis should never make it worse. Beyond the importance of reporting ethically lay a very practical reason for acting properly. Jaffe said that it is better to get one good thing from a willing subject than forcing junk from a group of unwilling subject. Their advice may have sounded like common sense but I think it is important enough to warrant repeating:1. Take your time to get the story. Even if it takes five minutes longer, it is good journalism to wait and get the complete picture.2. Show respect.3. Minimize harm.

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  20. Today’s Must See Monday featured Eric Newton, and his presentation was about the History of the Future of News: What 1767 Tells Us About 2110. At first, I had no idea what to expect. I was not understanding the title and thought I was not going to enjoy it. I was wrong. All of the information Newton gave us was all in front of our faces the entire time, I just never put two and two together. For example, when Newton presented the pictures about Star Trek and the cell phone, 2001: A Space Odyssey and the iPad, and Skype from the Jetsons, I was in shock that I have never noticed that before. What really impressed me was how he predicted the future from the movies and television shows we have now. It is scary to me that we are expecting to have media implants that will make us humans part of technology. It is frightening! Newton said that at some point in time, people will be able to answer questions after they have passed away. It is overwhelming, but we cannot stop it now. In Newton’s words, “Each American generation comes of age as a different news medium is rising.”

  21. Greetings, You have told it like it was but soooo much fun. We did have a lot of togetherness as it was either too much snow, sleet, rain or cold to be going out. Coming home from Carrie’s on Christmas eve was scary as it was like a sheet of glass on the highway. It was so nice tho being with Mark, Betsy & Zo all week. Zo is such a sweet little girl. It is also so cute the way she says Hi Bobbie. No one calls him Bobbie so to hear her say it it is so precious. Thanks for th pics also. Looking forward to the birthday BLOG.Love, Mary aka Gram aka Mom

  22. It really is remarkable how nature balances itself . . . without intervention from us. The moral seems to be that we should mind our own business, yes?

  23. Must See Monday went into the depths of digital media entrepreneurship, and the projects that ASU students have completed. Dan Gillmor and CJ Cornell introduced the concept and four different projects that students have produced, and all proved that many changes to life are possible with new media. Why digital media, and the Cronkite school? This is my favorite topic that was introduced. Cornell talked about how he we are in the second age of digital media innovation, the first was all technology, and now it’s in our hands to change the use and content on in new media. If you look at the first half of the innovation, new tech companies like Yahoo, Google, Apple, and Microsoft have all made major profits with the internet. Things such as a search engine, which seems so simple to us now, changed the way the human race can get information. Now it’s our chance to not only benefit financially as innovative journalists, but help change how people get information and change the world for the better. The four projects introduced show how diverse our projects can be. Anything from community service to information about the light rail community can be used as a focus for a project. Once again, the magic thing about this is that by helping people get news and information these projects also have the chance to be highly profitable. This proves that there are great ways to make money, and that great journalism is adaptable. Must See Monday really implemented the idea to me that the Cronkite School is on to something by giving students the teaching and funding through the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship to make both money and a difference.

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  25. Eric Newton, senior adviser to the president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, does not need a crystal ball to foresee where journalism is going. According to Newton, “there are undiscovered patterns of history in news.” He does not need that crystal ball because not even that would help. Journalism is something that needs to be followed and really looked in to.With each decade, technology changes; we are in the digital age. The digital age is a new age for news. It has gone from “AHHH”—caveman’s way of communicating—to moveable type, then to digital pushes in online news.“We’ve only scratched the surface of the digital age,” Newton says.Whether it was Skype from the Flinstones or cellphones from the Star Trek, you need to think “crazy and out of this world.” By doing so, creative thinking turns into innovation then manufacturing.“News is whatever we want to know,” Newton says.Every American age has had different media based on what they wanted to know; The Transcendental era had Partisan weekly newspapers while the Progressive era had the Associated Press. There has been growth and adaptation to crises and happenings.It’s a matter of looking close into what could be. Right now, science fiction is bridging the gap in science more than scientists. Just look at entertainment and what could progress into something real. No, it might not be the radio watch, but it could be intelligent media from the next action film with robots and such.“To get to the future, someone needs to shake the surface,” says Newton.

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